Sacha Inchi Seed/Nut Snack 100g
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Sacha Inhci seeds contain 25–27% protein and 41–54% oil, which consists of approximately 90% unsaturated fatty acids–oleic, linoleic, linolenic–and is rich in vitamins E and A. The commerical cultivation of Sacha Inchi seeds, also commonly called Sacha inchi nuts, and the processing of Sacha Inchi seeds (nuts) began about six years ago. Our roasted Sacha Inchi seeds(nuts) offers you the convenient of healthy savoring of snack while removing the guilt in unhealthy snack consumption.

Raw Sacha Inchi seeds are delicately roasted into edible salted and non-salted finished product. We removed Tannin – a biter substance – in the process and thus roasted seeds, also referred as roasted nuts. Therefore the Sacha Inchi Seeds (Nuts) are edible as snacks or further used for other food applications. Our factory is certified GMP and certified HACCP by SGS, certified USDA-NOP organic, EU organic and JAS organic by OneCert International, Korean organic by DCOK and certified by HALAL.

These are the health benefits Zera Sacha Inchi seed can bring to your life as a daily snacking.

• Lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and raises good cholesterol (HDL)
• Improve cardiovascular system
• Decrease pain and inflammation through out body
• Prevent and reduce high blood pressure
• Promote cognitive and memory functions of the brainmellitus
• Prevent and reverse depression and other emotional and mental health challenges
• Assist in weight loss by suppressing craving
• Anti-aging
• Lower the risk of diabetes
• Reduce the risk of stroke
• Improve eye vision
• Beneficial for arthritis treatment
• Prevent cancer


将原始的印奇果种子精心烘焙成可食用的盐腌和非盐腌制成品。在此过程中,我们去除了单宁(一种苦味物质),从而烤制了种子,也称为烤坚果。因此,印奇果种子(坚果)可作为零食食用或进一步用于其他食品应用。我们的工厂通过了SGS的GMP认证和HACCP认证,通过OneCert International认证的USDA-NOP ORGANIC,EU ORGANIC和JAS ORGANIC,通过DCOK的韩国有机认证以及通过HALAL认证。


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