Family Goody Yogurt Cereal 优格谷粮 750g
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Brand Aibio
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 10 cm x 25 cm
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Family Goody Yogurt Cereal contains 5 different types of good bacteria. Each cup provides about 10 billion (CFU) probiotics. Adding into this balanced nutrition are fructose and 20 types of mixed grains, achieving the effect of good bacteria eating bad bacteria in order to have a complete nutrient absorption.


Family Goody 黑加仑子口味的优格谷粮含有10亿益生菌,20种混合谷物和10种营养成分。

Family Goody 还含有5种主要营养成分,廿二碳六稀酸和二十碳四烯酸,牛初乳,水溶性纤维,黑加仑和牛磺酸。它有助于改善肠蠕动,消化,增强免疫功能,促进健康的全面发展,对抗有害的肠道细菌,可以改善血糖,血压和血液中的胆固醇。


Family Goody 优格谷粮只需要冲泡就能食用吗?

你只需要将两勺的Family Goody加入200毫升的冷水或温水中,用摇滚杯或茶匙搅拌均匀,就可以食用啦。

Do you know that it is easy to prepare Family Goody Yogurt Cereal?

You just need to mix 2 scoops of Family Goody with a glass of 200 ml cold or warm water. Then, stir it well with spoon or shaker. AND, it is ready to serve!


Family Goody 优格谷粮不但适合成长中的小孩,同时也适合大人饮用,是一天的精力来源!

Start your bright morning with a cup of Family Goody Yogurt Cereal! It contains more than 100 million of probiotics, 20 types of mixed grain powders and 5 main nutritious ingredients. Definetely the good source of energy for both kids and adults.