Khang Shen Misai Kucing Tea 猫须草茶 (3g, 20packs/box)
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Product SKU Khang Shen Misai Kucing Tea
Brand Khang Shen Herbs
Size (L x W x H) 13 cm x 13 cm x 13 cm
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  • 100% high quality; origin from unpolluted virgin forests in Malaysia
  • Made by pure plants
  • NO chemical pharmaceutical ingredients & genetically modified material (GMO)


  • 3 g x 20 packs/box


  1. Reduces water retention in the body
  2. Purifies the kidney and drains the toxins in the body
  3. Against free radical attack
  4. Reduces inflammation and symptoms of gout
  5. Balancing high blood pressure
  6. Reduces level of cholesterol
  7. Regulates level of blood sugar
  8. Prevent kidney stones
  9. Increase energy & physical fitness

* Misai Kucing Tea are made strictly according to production process using high-technology equipment in processing and sterilization to retain Misai Kucing’s active ingredients so that human body can digest and absorb completely
* Certified for: GMP, HACCP,  Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM), HALAL, ISO, Heavy Metal Test

  • 优质及纯度100%猫须草
  • 纯植物制作
  • 不含基因改造物质


  • 3克, 20包 / 盒


  1. 减少体内水分滞留
  2. 净化肾脏,排除毒素
  3. 对抗自由基侵害
  4. 减轻发炎及通风症状
  5. 帮助平衡高血压
  6. 降低胆固醇水平
  7. 调节血糖水平
  8. 预防肾结石
  9. 增加精力和体能

* 猫须草茶严格按照生产工艺,采用高科技设备加工和杀菌,保留猫须草的有效成分,使人体完全消化吸收
* 被以下机构认证:GMP, HACCP, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM), HALAL, ISO, Heavy Metal Test