Khang Shen Tongkat Ali Wild Honey 东革阿里野生蜜 450ml
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Product SKU Khang Shen Tongkat Ali Wild Honey
Brand Khang Shen Herbs
Size (L x W x H) 17 cm x 17 cm x 17 cm
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  • 100% high quality; origin from unpolluted virgin forests in Malaysia
  • Made by pure plants
  • NO chemical pharmaceutical ingredients & genetically modified material (GMO)
  • Extract from Tongkat Ali Slices (Yellow) & pure wild Honey


  • 450 ml/bottle


  1. Maintain strong energy, relieve depression and relief stress
  2. Fat burning, skin firming and good for beauty
  3. Strengthen blood circulation and metabolism, improve the endocrine system and enhance immune function
  4. Prolonged life span, anti-ageing and improve brain function and memory
  5. Reduce the risk of heart disease, myocardial infarction and dementia
  6. Regulate sperm quality and improve the capacity of reproductive function

* Tongkat Ali Wild Honey is made strictly according to production process using high-technology equipment in processing and sterilization to retain Tongkat Ali’s active ingredients so that human body can digest and absorb completely
* Certified for: GMP, HACCP,  Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM), HALAL, ISO, Heavy Metal Test

  • 优质及纯度100%东革阿里
  • 纯植物制作
  • 不含任何基因改造物质
  • 从东革阿里切片(黄色)和纯野生蜂蜜中提取


  • 450 毫升 / 瓶


  1. 舒缓情绪低落,抑郁和减缓压力
  2. 燃烧脂肪,紧致肌肤和美容
  3. 促进自身睾酮分泌,最高可提升4.4倍
  4. 延寿,抗氧化,抗衰老,改善脑力记忆力
  5. 降低心脏病和心肌梗塞
  6. 提升精子质量,产量和生产能力

* 东革阿里野生蜜严格按照生产工艺,采用高科技设备加工和杀菌,保留东革阿里的有效成分,使人体完全消化吸收
* 被以下机构认证:GMP, HACCP, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM), HALAL, ISO, Heavy Metal Test