Khang Shen Ubi Jaga Slices (50 grams / box)
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Product SKU Khang Shen Ubi Jaga Slices
Brand Khang Shen Herbs
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
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  • 100% high quality; origin from unpolluted virgin forests in Malaysia
  • Made by pure plants, similarly to Tongkat Ali
  • NO chemical pharmaceutical ingredients & genetically modified material (GMO)
  • Accompanied with Tongkat Ali, Ubi Jaga can provide a complementary positive effect


  • 50 grams / box


  1. Improve Blood Circulation
  2. Strengthen Male Energy and Increasing Sexual Desire
  3. Increase Body Metabolism
  4. Mood Stabilization and Maintain Normal Blood Pressure Level


  • Men who want to maintain health and enhance charisma
  • Men who faced the erectile dysfunction problem
  • Men who faced the premature ejaculation problem

* Ubi Jaga Slices are made strictly according to production process using high-technology equipment in processing and sterilization to retain Ubi Jaga’s active ingredients so that human body can digest and absorb completely
* Certified for: GMP, HACCP,  Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM), HALAL, ISO, Heavy Metal Test

  • 优质及纯度100%无比加革
  • 纯植物制作,与东革阿里相似
  • 不含基因改造物质
  • 建议与东革阿里一起服用,无比加革可以加强其功效


  • 50 克/盒


  1. 促进血液循环
  2. 重振男性雄风并提高性欲
  3. 增强身体新陈代谢
  4. 平衡情绪,维持健康血压


  • 维持健康体力,增强男性魅力
  • 有阳痿,勃起性功能障碍
  • 有早泄问题的男性

* 无比加革切片严格按照生产工艺,采用高科技设备加工和杀菌,保留Ubi Jaga的有效成分,使人体能够完全消化吸收
* 被以下机构认证:GMP, HACCP, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM), HALAL, ISO, Heavy Metal Test